Saturday, January 7, 2012


Welcome to our new family blog!  And Happy New Year!!

We don't "do" New Year's Resolutions. They are too easily broken. 

This year we are doing Family Goal's for the New Year, with prayers that some will become lifestyles. Such as our biggest goal:  Family Outreach. Small things and not-so-small things that will show our children just how easy it is to have 'Hearts and Hands to Heaven', ready to show our Father's love to everyone.

We do not have a large list yet... just a few ideas that our older children helped to compile.

  • Goodies for our local firefighters (They have unfortunately been quite busy lately.)
  • Blessing Bags for the homeless or those having very tough times
  • An anonymous payment on an utility bill
  • Bingo at a local nursing home
  • Movie Basket for a family (filled with a gift card from a local movie rental store, some popcorn & candy, and a couple of sodas)

See? Nothing very difficult. Just being deliberate about keeping our eyes & ears open while listening for a prompting from our Father.

Am I patting us on the back? Oh, no, no, no!  We simply want to share our journey. Share ideas and inspiration.  AND... Ok, I admit it... sometimes I can start with good intentions and then let things be pushed to the back burner (I am human, ok? And I have 5 wonderful blessing that call me Mama and keep me very busy.)  So, this blog is my accountability partner (you, too!).

Now, add us to your favorite blogs ;) and have a cup of coffee (or tea!) with me as I chronicle our family's journey to have a servant's heart.


  1. This is very good Cuz May God Bless you with many many more blessing's for you and your family love you cousin Angie

  2. this is neat ..


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