Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Update

Did you miss me?

As a girl, I would often find myself starting a journal/diary... Did you catch that?... often starting...
I have never been a consistent journal keeper. Always start with the best of intentions, but...

So, by way of an update...

Our friends' twin babies are still in the hospital.

We are still working towards a drive for the RMHC with our children's church.

We are still doing the little things with our children (and sometimes on our own).

We are still striving for balance in our life so that we can do more of the things that we want to do to share our Lord's love with others while teaching our children at the same time.

We are eagerly anticipating the end of our school year & summer break!

And, not to worry... I WILL become more regular with blog postings... in HIS time. After all, He laid this on my heart. But for now, we are focused on a few things that I'm just not prepared to discuss right now (real world or blog land).

Thanks for understanding! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

An Outreach with the Children from our Church

Hello dear friends!

Do you remember me telling you about sweet friends of ours and their premature babies?

I hope you have been keeping up with them through their blog updates.

These friends have been active helpers/leaders in our children's ministry at our church. Our church children really miss them! They ask about the family each Sunday and want to help in some way.

I have been blessed to be asked to help the children host a 'drive' (in honor of the family) for the Ronald McDonald House where the couple is staying while their babies are in the hospital.  Do you remember we were planning on doing that as a family? Now, we can all work together to bless this charity even more! I can not tell you how much that makes my heart sing! In choosing to help this family... they are also helping MANY OTHER FAMILIES!

These children will be collecting toiletries, household items, and individual food items... all to be used as needed by the families staying at the RMHC.

I will be updating our progress as we move forward :)