Monday, January 9, 2012

Blessings Bag Thoughts

In my Welcome! post, I mentioned Blessings Bags. 

With thoughts of the homeless... Here. In America.

Or those really struggling... Here. In America.


Upon reading a friend's blog, I was reminded that the Bible urges us to share His message with EVERYONE (Mark 16:15).  It also urges us to care for the orphans (James 1:27).

So... Why not send Blessings Bags to other struggling countries?

Read my friend's blog.  Learn how to be an ordinary hero.  Invite your friends to party.

I challenge you to see what you can do...  It's a small thing, really. No passports required.  No airfare or long layovers.  Simply slip some clothes in some bags.  Mail them to Kentucky and let the missionaries handle the rest. 

And Oh! By the way... Gently used clothing is OK for those bags! :)

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